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Case Study: Transfer Tooling

June 15, 2023
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Client Profile

A large manufacturer of dehumidifiers and air-handling equipment, used to control moisture and humidity in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Business Situation

Demand for a specific client product line would surge following natural disasters, and their incumbent molder was unable to ramp up production to meet these surge demands. The resulting loss of sales opportunities compelled the client to seek out alternative suppliers. The client came to Plastech looking to mold three unique parts which would create a housing unit for one of their products, with part colors that would vary by model. They also needed metal inserts and attachments to complete the assembly. The client’s current molder had possession of the tooling, custom robotics and raw materials.

Success Story

Plastech’s Engineering and Supply Chain management worked with their counterparts on the client’s side to identify resin, dye and components required to mold and assemble parts. Residual inventory and auxiliary equipment were identified at the incumbent molder. Plastech issued a purchase order to the current molder to take ownership of the material, and trucks were scheduled to move the molds, auxiliary equipment and raw material to their new home at Plastech.

Within two days of the molds arriving at Plastech, each was inspected in the onsite tool room and made ready for production. Scheduling had reserved three presses, one for each mold, and all three molds were cycled in, with good parts waiting on the conveyors. Not long after the client’s QA manager arrived at the plant to inspect, he had approved each of the molded parts. He then moved on to Plastech’s Assembly Department to review a few trial assemblies of initial parts, and approved those as well, all within just a few hours. Just six days elapsed from the molds arriving to having them up and running and producing the three different molded parts, and assembling the finished units.

The client reported record sales in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Plastech’s ability to respond to surge requirements was cited by their COO as a significant factor in their success. Plastech has since been awarded several new programs for this customer.

Customer Benefits

  • Availability of stocking program that assured finished product min/max levels
  • Ability to ship a large number of finished products within 12 to 48 hours
  • Experienced and knowledgeable engineering support team
  • Defined and seamless Transfer Management Process to ensure a smooth and fast transition while minimizing down time
  • Ability to purchase the inventory, auxiliary equipment, components and material prior to the move or transfer process, no delays waiting for PO’s
  • Flexibility and willingness to expedite
  • In-house tool room can react quickly, no need to send the mold out to an outside shop for evaluation or incoming inspection, no time wasted shipping the mold