Throughout its fifty-five-year history, Plastech has had a single owner, Dennis Frandsen. That stability in leadership combined with solid financial strength over the years has allowed us to continually expand our capabilities, improve our offerings and strengthen our technologies.

We are here to make your job easier. That’s why we offer a wide range of molding options, plus in-house value-added services to put the finishing touches on your project. We are proud to offer spin welding, sonic welding, hot plate welding, vibration welding, pad printing, hot stamping capabilities, plus kitting and assembly options. We also have a fully equipped tool shop to ensure your tooling investment is fully protected and well maintained.



To provide best-in-class, complete project solutions
for custom plastic injection molded and assembled products
at the best overall value.

To provide unmatched proactive, responsive,
and flexible technical solutions

Recognize that challenges are opportunities to succeed together
Open, honest, and fair communication
Listen to customer needs and take action
Educate, empower, and appreciate employees

Dennis Frandsen - Plastech Corporation owner & CEO - Minnesota Business Hall of Fame

Plastech Corporation specializes in molds that produce intricate parts and assemblies

Over-molding different polymers to create a single part can reduce assembly operations


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Since 1963
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